About the Author

C.L. Shaw had a promising start in the academic arena. However, he soon felt compelled to leave university fearing years of malcontent ahead of him. In doing so he discovered a different mode of being. This produced his first non-fiction book:
A Fool’s Folly.

Table of Contents
  • PART I: The Consolidating Worldview

    1: Achieving Dissatisfaction
    2: The Inherency of Philosophy
    3: Sincerity Not Rumination
    4: Excuselessness
    5: Retrospective Logical Statements

  • PART II: Getting to Ends More Desirable

    6: Be Suspicious of What You Want
    7: Serendipity
    8: Desire Be, Desire Go
    9: Your Idea of a Good Life
    10: What’s Your Religion

  • PART III: Getting There With Means More Feasible

    11: Straya Day Cricket
    12: Don’t Confuse Ends With Means
    13: To Be a Success
    14: The Limitations of a Formal Education and Career
    15: Call of the Search and Seek Contingency

  • PART IV: Actions Derived From Elegance

    16: Going Wheatbelt

    17: Developing Your Worldview
    18: Procrastination
    19: A Flock, One Stone
    20: Act Despite the Majority

  • PART V: Outcomes Are What Consolidation Is Made Of

    21: New, New Years Resolutions
    22: Get to Travelling Well
    23: Create a Self-Invention Machine
    24: The Artist’s Way
    25: Wisdom Manifests

  • PART VI: Nuance Consolidates Further

    26: The Three Year Shift

    27: Nature of Thought
    28: We Are Young and Free
    29: We’ve Wealth For Toil
    30: To Merely Think That You Think 

  • 31: The Web Has Always Been Worldwide
    32: Wisdom Is the Absence of Folly
    33: Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat
    34: Elegance Is Fulfilling Action
    35: Art Is to Be Where There Is Life
    36: Where We Find Meaning, We Find Morality

    37: Authentic You Are
    38: Forget Goals By Making a Habit of Your Purpose
    39: Entitlement Enlightenment
    40: The Value of Perception Is In the Perception of Value
    41: Indentured Servitude Is Rather Modern
    42: Are We Human? Then Let Us Create

  • 43: What’s Your Culture? Do You Conform
    44: Virtues Become Their Own Reward
    45: Going About Philosophy
    46: The Making of Mind
    47: Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now?
    48: Vocation and Accommodating the Need for Livelihood
    49: Is That an Opportunity Or a Risk? Or Both?
    50: Building An Asset of Life
    51: Freeforming – the Ultimate Profession
    52: The Value of the Web
    53: Communication Breakdown
    54: Communication Charisma

© A Fool's Folly: Grow With the Flow and Become Wise, 2017