Life, liberty and the happiness of pursuit

You will not only shape your own life for good or ill, but recognise it or not, you will shape society. You will contribute toward freedom or despotism.

I want for myself and others to contribute toward freedom. Thus a great many intentions will be shared.

Join In

The stakes are great. For we begin with a decision to live with the Truth. Given time the culture produced will decide politics. It is then that we can choose freedom and prosperity for all.

You will either live with Truth, or not. Difficult to honour the Truth when you are expected to fit in and take common advice.

I intend to be a productive member of society. The Artists Way.

I intend to create art so that I can meet people who are acquainted with the Truth. for these are the people that I can act with.

A Fool’s Folly (Nonfiction)
A Year in Notes (Illustrated Nonfiction)
A Father’s Inheritance (Novel)

You will act within a union, or not.

Entrepreneurship – start up ideas



Prosperity. there is culture downstream of us. what we allow and what we do – they battle to determine. depends on art created, unions formed. entrepreneurship, business and economics that result, i.e. prosperity. goes on to influence politics. where is the last man who wishes for a smaller government because he knows that he is free? for he decides for the unfree that they will be free.
chose prosperity for those who can’t, or not.

politics – non aggression principle (justice). Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and happiness of pursuit that is preferred.

boost NAP and voluntary exchange

example: get rid of HECS and allow wider accreditation and have justice support this.